Wedding conditions

Terms and Conditions for Weddings Ceremonies & Receptions

1) Appuldurcombe House is a Scheduled Ancient Monument . As such nothing may be attached to the walls or floors in such a way that permanent damage is caused and STILETTO heels are not suitable for either the historic floors or the gravel paths onsite . After clearing up there should be no lasting damage from the wedding and reception .
2) Appuldurcombe Heritage will organise the Premises License for the site to cover live music , recorded music and dancing . Appuldurcombe Heritage also hold the Wedding Premises License for the site with James Owen and John Owen as responsible Persons . Additionally James Owen holds the Personal License for the site to cover the sale of alcohol . (Please note we do not charge corkage as a venue but you will need to clarify with caterers/bars their position )
3) The Cost of the venue hire for 2023 is £1600 plus vat for a wedding up to 100 guests using the house only and for 2024 £1650 plus vat and for larger for 2023 £1700 plus vat and 2024 £1750 plus vat ( please note this price does not include the marquee hire !!)
4) The cost of marquee hire , furniture, crockery , lighting/generator , catering/bar and music is the responsibility of the rentee . No restrictions are placed on who can be used for the above as long as they follow English Heritage`s guide lines for items/services . The list of suppliers on the website are companies who have worked on site to the heritage guidelines in the past .
5)Appuldurcombe house and grounds are provided for exclusive use of the site ( i.e. only one wedding at a time ) on Saturdays , at all other times , when site is open to the public Sunday to Friday , public access must be maintained to as much as is practical and safe .Cars and Vans may be driven slowly down to site , using the rear access road for deliveries but must return to carpark once emptied to avoid conjestion . Wedding setting up on Fridays normally though may be Thursday in exceptional circumstances and for Marquees . Tidy up by 10am Sunday .
6)The floor of the Great Hall will be cleaned if necessary by the staff at Appuldurcombe and will be cleaned by them after the wedding if necessary using only cleaning materials approved by EH . If a bar is located in the Great Hall , drinks must be served ( i.e. not self service ) and the floor under it must be protected by matting . No beetroot or curry or any other similar staining type food will be allowed on site .
7)The keys to the house will not be supplied to the rentee , the wedding coordinator will be responsible for locking and unlocking for setting up ( no later than 830pm friday except by special arrangement ) and for access for clearing up on sunday morning .
8) The House and grounds are open to the public every day except Saturday and on Sunday Mornings in the season it must be totally cleared up as far as is practical , especially any broken glass and slip/trip hazard removed before public access at 10am . All litter and rubbish must be moved from site by 10 am and taken to the local council tip ( at Lynne bottom ) by the rentee or commercial bins can be used and placed in carpark for collection on monday.
9) Electrical connections may only be done by qualified electrical contractors and to minimise trip hazards may not be set up until the afternoon before . Particular care must be taken to light up the area of the drive and sides of the house to ensure safety when leaving the house . Equipment from the holiday cottages ( i.e. lamps/leads/crockery etc .) may not be used at the wedding . Use of the power supply in the cellar is included in the rental fee but it is only small ( 32 amp max ) so will require a generator for most weddings .
10) Only Dried Flower Petal Type Confetti is permitted .This should be supplied rather than allowing guests to bring their own to avoid confusion .
11) For a Saturday wedding deliveries of furniture are permitted from Thursday onwards except for marquees which may arrive earlier if weather conditions dictate . Tidy up on sunday morning except marquees which may be left longer for safety if the interior has been removed .
12) The house is locked over night but as it is open to the public on the day on Friday nothing valuable should be left unattended and we recommend that no alcoholic drinks are stored overnight unless in locked refrigerated trailer .
13) Holiday Cottages on site Coach house ( sleeps 7 ) , and Gatehouse or Retreat ( sleep 2 ) are available to hire via Sykes cottages .
14) Our insurance doers not cover hired-in items of equipment and personal items . These must me covered by suppliers of such equipment or the rentee . Cars may be parked in the onsite car park over night at owners risk .
15)Fire extinguishers must be provided for the house and caterers , of a suitable size and type , the wedding coordinator can provide advice if required . Emergency/back up lighting can be achieved by connecting it to the house electric supply if a generator is being used .
16)All music / dancing and alcohol sales must cease at 12 midnight as per the terms of our premises license . The wedding organiser will attend at this time to ensure licensing conditions are respected and to switch off power and lock up .
17) Please be quiet when leaving the site to respect others , especially the onsite accommodation if it is not let to the wedding party .
18) Trees and bushes must not be damaged ( though ivy may be removed from trees for decoration) and any areas of turf damaged should be repaired .
19) Fireworks . Only quieter type fireworks permitted ( no big bangs please as these upset neighbours pets ). As per Historic England rules no fireworks are allowed within the grounds surrounding the house . They can be let off in the field over the railings from the front lawn of the house and must be notified in advance so that notice can be published in the Wroxall parish magazine to warn neighbours ! An email must be sent 6 weeks in advance to .
20) As per all Historic England sites no Drone Photography is permitted
21)Appuldurcombe House is in the Guardianship of English Heritage who allow the owners via their company Appuldurcombe Heritage to operate Weddings but may wish to vary conditions under their statutary powers to protect the Monument . In these circumstances any variations will be notified to the client by email
22) Music from Bands and DJ`s must be kept to standard decibel limits as per the Premises license . After 11pm the license states that the bass beat from the music should not be able to be heard from the nearest houses .In practice this will mean if the wedding guests have hired all the onsite accommodation then they can be noisier than if they have not .
23)Deposit is only refundable in exceptional circumstances i.e. covid restrictions or similar . If cancellation occurs after full balance is paid for a genuine reason ( i.e. medical or similar ) then this can be transferred to an alternative date . For a full refund we would recommend wedding insurance to insure against all eventualities .

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Wedding Conditions from 2024 onwards
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